I'm a student, I eat food.

My RA is a lovely and wonderful person, with endearingly hippie-organic-all-natural leanings. Having heard me rampaging the halls bitching and moaning about my inability to be a perfect decent marginally acceptable student, she took a moment while she was in town and got me a chocolate bar, just to cheer me up. And because she is a lovely and wonderful person, I received a gluten-free, Nakd Cocoa Orange bar. Love!
Don't let its unprepossessing appearance fool you - this little thing has a heady chocolate-orange aroma that's almost floral. As I boiled the kettle to make myself a cup of tea, I took a tentative bite, wondering how the taste would compare.

O. M. G.
My tongue savoured, my mind whirled back - years back - to a half-remembered sweet, chewy and dense and fudgy and sweet just like this. Through the haze of memory, it took me a moment to realise... This bar tastes just how I remember a Tootsie Roll.

(It totally made up for the 'Oh wait, did we write 'pimento'? It's meant to be 'pepperoni.' Who marked this as vegan?' thing at lunch.)

And now... to try and make good on this gift of a snack and go attempt at least to be a better student. -_-;

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